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Best Things to do on Weekends in Trabzon


Trabzonun Tarihi ve Turistik Yerleri

Black Sea Coast of Turkey, on the one hand that broke the narrow coastal strip of the sea and the other side in a village set apart from the rest of the country with the world surrounding mountains. Trabzon, usually not many foreign tourists vacation plans in the top ranks, but many of Turkey is a beautiful city with attractions and things to do. The winding road that enters along the coast is one of the most natural areas in the region, making this area a perfect road trip.

There are many alternative attraction to do in Trabzon. Such as if you like historical places you can visit in city centre, Hagia Sophia Mosque and Atatürk’s House. if you like natural beauty you can visit Uzungol, Hidirnebi Plateau etc. Also if you like football, you can go to new and modern Senol Gunes Stadium ,which was built on an artificial island near the Black Sea, to watch one of the biggest Turkish football club (Trabzonspor) match.

Trabzon Ayasofya Camii Güney Cephesi - Ortahisar / TRABZON

One of the Black Sea Coast’s most famous attractions is Sumela Monastery (official name: Monastery of the Virgin Mary), which seems to sprout out of the sheer cliff face enclosing it. This atmospheric place has a history that goes back to the Byzantine era, and it was only finally closed as a working monastery in 1923. There are fabulously vibrant (though sadly defaced) frescoes within the main chapel, and the warren of rooms and chapels that make up the rest of the complex give you a good idea of the austerity of religious life in previous centuries. Possibly the biggest highlight of a visit here, though, are the views of the entire monastery, clinging to the rock face, on the winding road up to the entrance. Sumela Monastery, which is the center of attraction of Trabzon, is about 70km away from the city center.


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