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Trabzon Boztepe Semaver Keyfi

Boztepe Tea Garden (Boztepe Picnic Area) is a touristic place where you can enjoy a wide view from Trabzon Airport to Akçaabat on a hill overlooking the city center of Trabzon. There is also a garden where you can sit in the open area and covered gazebos.

The indispensable pleasure of people living in Trabzon, expatriates from Trabzon and local-foreign tourists visiting the city is to drink tea in the samovar with a view. Boztepe Tea Garden offers the opportunity to watch an area from Trabzon Airport to Akçaabat. Especially, you can see the big sea port junction with the busiest traffic in Trabzon and the Law Office Building in Tanjant from here, you can watch this beautiful view by sipping your tea in the evening of a sunny and beautiful day.

Trabzon Boztepe Çay Bahçesi

Businesses located here provide food and beverage service to Boztepe overlooking the city. Generally, there are Semaver, kernel and small snack ready products in the menus of these businesses. Boztepe Tea Garden will not be the right choice for you to taste local flavors. Because the businesses here only serve as cafeterias where snacks and beverages are served.

In the picnic area, as an alternative to samovar tea in summer. You can also come across mobile sellers selling roasted corn and boiled corn. There are also picnic tables in Boztepe Tea Garden that everyone can use for free. It is possible to have a picnic with your loved ones by preparing from home.

Boztepe Piknik Alanı - Trabzon

There are military areas around Boztepe Tea Garden. Therefore, Boztepe Picnic Area covers limited area. Areas with city views are generally served by businesses, while there is no business in the forest area at the border of the military area, and there is no picnic table and gazebo. However, it is possible to enjoy your picnic table on the ground with your own means.

Finally, our advice to the tourists who visit the city, watch an evening view by sipping the Semaver tea at Boztepe Tea Garden. Because, Boztepe is definitely one of the places that will steal your heart in Trabzon. You should definitely stop here during your Trabzon vacation and enjoy this pleasure.

Trabzon Boztepe Çay Bahçesi


Boztepe is very close to the city center in terms of transportation. And there are many transportation alternatives. We will explain these alternatives below. You can reach Boztepe Picnic Area by using the path that is suitable for you.

We do not recommend walking to the Boztepe. Boztepe Tea Garden is within 5 minutes’ reach by your own car. The fact that the road is uphill and steep makes the road winding. This extends the bird’s eye-close distance. But on the way back, you can choose to walk on Coşkun Karaağaçlı street where the Girls Monastery is located to see different places, and you can also see the old streets of Trabzon.

It is possible to reach Boztepe after a 5-minute journey by taking the Boztepe – Picnic Area minibuses located at the top of Trabzon Meydan Park. Dolmus prices are 2,5 TL per person as of 2020.

It is also possible to reach Boztepe Tea Garden by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Buses with the number of “141 – Boztepe Piknik Alanı” voyages. However, you will need to use a city transportation card for this. Click for departure times of 141 – Boztepe Picnic Area Buses.


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