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Cal Cave – Düzköy


Çal Mağarası - Düzköy / TRABZON

Çal Cave is located within the boundaries of Çalköy Town, which is 1050 m above sea level, 5 km southwest of Düzköy District of Trabzon Province. The entrance to the cave is located on the Earring Creek 1 km of the stabilized road leading from Çalköy to Çayırbağı Town. It is about 32 km to Akcaabat and 45 km to Trabzon. The cave, lighting, sightseeing platforms and various arrangements were completed and opened to tourism in 2003. Çal Cave is one of the important tourism values ​​in the region with its stalactites and stalagmites, underground streams and waterfalls.

Çal Cave was opened to tourism with the support and efforts of Trabzon Governor Adil YAZAR and Provincial Tourism Director M. Volkan CANALİOĞLU in 2003 by lighting, sightseeing platforms and various arrangements by Trabzon Special Provincial Administration. 400 m wood trip platform was firstly put into the cave and it was opened to visitors as a walking track. In the following years (as of 2010) the platform was extended to 700 m. The pedestrian platform is 1 m wide and has railings on both sides. The platform is made of water and moisture resistant wood due to the high humidity in the cave, the wetting of the platform and the fact that the feet are completely in the water. The stones in the entrance section were provided from the quarries (Çalköy).

In other words, the cave can be reached in about 45 minutes from Akçaabat. Transportation is done by passing through Çalköy Town in a way that leaves right without entering Düzköy district. The road is asphalt and smooth. Another route to the cave is through Tonya. This route is completely stabilized and transportation is provided through Kaleönü District, Biçinlik Village and Çayırbağı Town.

Çal Mağarası - Düzköy / TRABZON

The area around the Çal Cave has important attractions due to its natural and cultural resources. With these characteristics, ecotourism is one of the important areas of our country in terms of diversity. As a matter of fact, besides cave tourism, various recreational activities based on nature and mountain tourism, culture tourism, botanical tourism and rural tourism have the potential to be developed and further developed.

Located on the historic castle, the stream is flowing and is considered to be the second longest cave in the world. Çal Cave is an underground water channel. A small stream flows through the cave. Although the entrance of the cave is wide, the width decreases to 1 meter after a certain distance. Ceiling heights vary greatly from a few meters to 25-30 meters depending on the fracture systems. After entrance, it is divided into two branches at 200 meters. The left arm is about 125 meters long. In the room at the end of this arm there is a flue from which water from the doline flows. The reachable portion of the right arm is about 700 m. Approximately 60 m of this branch is a small lake and a 3 m water cascade. After the first 150 meters stalactites and stalagmites are seen. However, these formations are seen in places and do not show continuity. Rather, they have intensified in areas where water infiltrations are seen from above. The view of the ponds and waterfalls formed by the water channel in the cave add a special feature to the cave. The cave is sometimes narrow and sometimes has a very large gallery and corridors.

Çal Mağarası Kafeterya

Çal Cave is believed to have formed in 8 million years and it has reached its present shape in two stages. In the first stage, it is recorded that the water leaking from the surface dissolves the limestone and provides an underground water channel. In the second phase, it is stated that the water flow which leads to cave development decreases and the development of the cave stops. In this period, it is reported that the water leaked from the water channels, which are connected to the sinkholes at higher elevations, started to form stalagmites and stalagmites.

The entrance of Cal Cave is a height of human height. In some places, the height is 25-30 m. The cave, which is estimated to have a length of approximately 4 km, has a length of about 850m. With this feature, it is among the longest caves of Türkiye. There are social infrastructure, coffee house and promenade areas around the cave. Located above the cave and above the entrance to the cave and used as a tea house today, the small cave room forms a waterfall in the spring season when the rain falls and the snow falls. In addition to local handicrafts and products, visitors can also serve tea, toast, pancakes and breakfast at the buffet in front of the cave.

Çal Cave is open to visitors throughout the year but it is visited by 20 thousand domestic and foreign tourists.



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