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Uzungol Road and Transportation


Uzungöl Ulaşım Yolu - Çaykara / TRABZON

It takes some patience to see Uzungöl, one of Trabzon’s natural riches. Because Uzungöl is not located near the city center. If it would be in the city center we all guess that it would not preserve its beauties this much. So therefore since it is a little bit far away from the city we thought to share you some details about Uzungol Road and transportation.

The best airline choice to go to Uzungöl by plane is Trabzon Airport. This airport is a place where domestic and foreign flights take place and there are many voyage from different counties such as Germany to Saudi Arabia. The main feature of the airport is it is close to the city center and this provides an opportunity for you to take a bus to go to Uzungol easily. Uzungol is about 99 kilometers away from the airport.


You can easily find several of transportation means in the summer season and also you can arrive to the Uzungol with public busses from the city center in all seasons. In addition, although the Uzungol road remains open in all seasons, public transportation services are constantly organized.

Uzungöl Ulaşım - Çaykara Tur

If you want to go to Uzungol with your private car then you need to reach to Of district of Trabzon city. If you are going there from the west then you should use the Trabzon highway but if you going there from the East then you need to take the Rize Highway. If you are going from the East you need to take the Rize beach highway and drive about twenty seven kilometers to reach Of district and then you need to follow the Solaklı River, keep going in the same direction with the river to reach the Uzungol easily since it is in the end of the river.

If you are going to Uzungöl in the west of the city, you will pass through Yomra, Arsin, Araklı and Sürmene districts respectively. And when you arrive to Of, you again need to follow the Solaklı River to Uzungol Road.

If you are willing to use the highway but prefer busses, it is easy to get a bus ticket from every city of the Turkey to arrive to Trabzon. You can find a public transportation to go to Uzungol in every hour between six in the morning to eight in the evening from Trabzon. The Black Sea coastal region is mountainous and the road is tiring. For this reason, we recommend using the airway to go to Trabzon.


Uzungol Package tour prices and Uzungol daily tour prices may vary according to the number of places they offer to you. Uzungol transportation price (Trabzon to Uzungol) of the company named ÇAYKARA TUR is applied per person 21 TL in 2020.


ÇAYKARA: 0462 616 22 99
DERNEKPAZARI: 0462 616 22 99


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