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Winter and Autumn Season in Uzungol


Uzungöl Kış Manzarası

Uzungol is a touristic place in Trabzon. For this reason, it has the famous rainy and temperate climate of the Eastern Black Sea Region. Springs are generally rainy and foggy in Trabzon city. The rainfall increases in the autumn but the temperature does not change a lot. When you go to the inlands you can see that rainfall increases. July and August months are the months which get the least rain. February is known as the month with the most snow fall. The coldest months are the January and February. With it’s these features, it can be said that climate of the Trabzon is mild and soft. When you go to inlands from the beach, the altitude increases rapidly due to the mountainous nature of the landscape. Since Uzungol is at an altitude of 1080 meters, it has a cooler climate than the Black Sea climate.Air temperature in summer season in Uzungol is between 15 and 26 degrees. The highest temperature in the summer season can be seen in July. Again, you can witness the rains even in the summer. You can also witness the rain, fog and sun in the same day in Uzungol.


The nature of the Uzungol offers a rainbow of colors in the fall season. The shades of the yellow and green colors in the nature are totally mixed to each other. However you will always be exposed to the rain in these months. Seasons of spring and fall are the season where the region has the maximum rainfall. Generally there is a cold air during the day and a cold weather can be felt in the evenings.

Uzungöl'de Sonbahar Manzarası


Conditions in winter season can be challenging in Uzungol. The main cause of this is Uzungol is at an altitude of 1800 meters and is close to the plateaus. Tourism reduces during the winter season due to the challenging conditions of the winter. With the effect of the cold winds coming from higher altitudes the surface of the lake largely freezes. You can see many wild birds while they are enjoying their time in the parts of the lake which do not freeze during the winter season. The temperature is usually below the zero degree in the months of the winter and you can always see the snow in the Uzungol.

Uzungöl Cami Kış Manzarası


In the autumn and winter months, Uzungöl has magnificent snow landscapes. Tourists who want to be alone with silence usually visit Uzungol during these seasons.

It is not difficult to imagine the beauty of winter in a town surrounded by pine trees. Every year, a significant amount of snowfall in Uzungol offers guests the opportunity to have a unique holiday, who want to leave the world.



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