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Ahi Evren Dede Mosque and Tomb


Ahi Evren Dede Camii ve Türbesi Girişi - Boztepe / TRABZON

The exact construction date of the mosque built in Boztepe district of Trabzon is unknown. On the other hand, according to Şemsettin Sami, Ahi Evren Mosque was built by a dervish lodge during the Sultan Orhan period, and this is the current mosque and tomb area used today.

Ahi Evran Dede has led the Turks who came from Central Asia to Trabzon to settle in the region, and the Turks, who are the professionals, to produce goods and services with high quality and standards, compete with the non-Muslim tradesmen and to recognize the Turkish-Islamic culture of the people of the region. Ahi Evren Dede is a volunteer Islamic messenger of the Ahis who came to spread Islam during the time of Orhan Gazi. He is one of the five saints who prepared the ground for the conquest of Trabzon in 1461. According to sources, Ahi Evran Dede was martyrized in 1351 at the age of 67. His tomb was lost in time but later he was transported to a tomb built under the name of Hacı Hakkı Baba by his father.

The history of the mosque and the tomb in the Boztepe neighborhood of Trabzon is dominated by the city. The mausoleum was built adjacent to the mosque called Ahi Evren Mosque. There is no doubt that today’s mosque has dervish, mosque and tombs. However, there is no information about the shape of this building community instead of the mosque with the same name was made. Ahi Evren Dede Mosque and Mausoleum that survived to the present day. It was built in 1305 (1887) by Kadir Pasha, the Governor of Trabzon, with the 900 gold shipped by II. Abdülhamid.

Ahi Evren Dede Camii ve Türbesi - Boztepe / TRABZON

Architectural Structure

The mosque was square planned, with stone walls and wooden roof. However, in 1976, the dome was added to the repair. The minaret is small and single-handed. There are two windows on the southeast and west sides and sixteen windows on the dome. The mausoleum is adjacent to the northeastern part of the mosque.

Ahi Evren Dede Camii İç Mimarisi

There is a corridor to the west of the tomb. Facade walls and pointed arches carry the traces of the original structure, and the pulpit, mihrab and mahfel were built later. There are 4 graves in the tomb and one of them is said to belong to Ahi Evren. In the middle of the other three graves, Hacı Hakkı Baba is in the summer and his date of death is known as 1883. There is a large historical cemetery south of the mosque. The mosque, which is under the supervision of the Regional Directorate of Foundations, currently serves the people of Trabzon and is open to visitors in the tomb.


It is possible to reach the Ahi Evren Dede Mosque from the Trabzon Square Park with its regular Boztepe-Picnic Area minibuses. It is also about 5 minutes away from the city center if you want to reach by your own car.


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