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Gülbahar Hatun Mosque


Gülbahar Hatun Camii ve Türbesi - Trabzon

The mosque was built in 1514 in the memory of Gülbahar Hatun, the mother Yavuz Sultan Selim. Gulbahar Hatun Mosque is located in the region known as Atapark in the Ortahisar district of Trabzon. The building, which was known as Büyük İmaret or Hatuniye Mosque was situated in the middle of a complex buildings of which only the mosque and the tomb have survived. Gulbahar Hatun Mosque is categorized in the Zaviye (i.e. with hermit eel/s) group, an architectural style encountered in the early Ottoman period. The mosque consists if an external area for prayers, a cell surmounted by a big dome and the interior part surmounted by a big dome. The dome surmounting the external area was built upon the arches and marble columns whose helmets are in a diamond shape.

The pulpit and the alter niches are if marble. The borders if the alter niches are plain at the sides and adorned with motifs at the top. The pentagonal niche terminates in the slactitevault.

Gülbahar Hatun Camii - Trabzon

On each cup is a damaged rosette. The classical ornamentation if the mosque has been spoilt by later modifications. Today’s ornamentation has been carried out in the subsequent years. From the inscription if the door it is clear that the mosque underwent repairs in 1885.

The fountain in the courtyard was once surmounted by a dome; however, with the recent repairs a conical spair was substituted.


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