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KTÜ'den Trabzon Havalimanı Manzarası

Trabzon Airport was built on a coastline 6 km east of the city centre. The runway is approximately 25 meters above sea level and is partially built in the northwest-southeast direction. There is Samsun – Sarp highway in the south of the airport and the Black Sea in the north. It is surrounded by Pelitli district, Konaklar District and Karadeniz Technical University Central Campus in the south.

Air transportation in Turkey officially started with the establishment of the State Airlines Administration in 1933. Trabzon Airport, which has an important place among the airports in our country, was opened to air traffic in 1957.

Trabzon Havalimanı Apron

Many repairs and expansions were made on different dates, and in 1996 it gained airport status. It provides 24-hour uninterrupted service in domestic and international civil air transportation. According to the data, Trabzon Airport ranks 6th in terms of domestic passenger traffic, 8th in terms of international passenger traffic and 7th in terms of total passenger traffic among 29 airports operated by DHMI. It is built on a total area of ​​1.573,353m2. Trabzon airport has a runway measuring 2640m x 45m.

A total of 25 check-in counters, 23 with luggage and 2 without luggage, and 1 for disabled, at Trabzon Airport Domestic Terminal, CIP Hall, DHMI Health Center, Safety Deposit Box, 2 Cafe Bars, 2 buffets, souvenirs, restaurant, 3 sales stands , newspaper sales, book sales, 13 rent-a car offices, 12 ticket sales offices are available. The airport car park, which was put into service at the same time as the Domestic Terminal, has a capacity of 385 vehicles.

Trabzon Havalimanı Check-in Gişeleri

In the International Terminal, there are 1 check-in counters, 1 for large loads, 1 for disabled passengers, cafe-bar, kiosk, information office and prayer room. In addition, Bar and Duty Free shop are available in the International Terminal free lounge. Duty Free shop, Border Health Center, Revenue Office, Tourism Information Center and DHMI Health Center serve in the international arrivals hall.


The weather conditions affecting my air transportation in the city are fog, wind, thunderstorm, snow and rain. During the year, the strongest winds blow from the west and northwest in November, December and January. (According to the records of Trabzon Meteorology Station). Airplanes face the wind during takeoff and landing. Since Trabzon Airport lies in the east-west direction, westerly winds are effective in the landing and take-off of aircraft. When airplanes landing on the runway from the west receive strong winds from behind, their speed increases and the braking distance becomes longer. For this reason, they have to pass the runway and face the wind. The north-south winds blowing perpendicular to the runway at Trabzon Airport are not severe. Since strong winds generally blow from the west and northwest, there is no danger of planes being thrown off the runway.

Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Ulaşım Alternatifleri

The season with the most foggy days in Trabzon is spring. The fogs that form from the sea to the land rarely hinder the transportation activities in the region. Due to the high number of foggy days, ILS was established at Trabzon Airport by DHMI. This system facilitates landing by connecting with the aircraft in low visibility conditions.


One of the factors affecting the establishment location of airports is the distance from the cities. If the distance is too long, transportation costs increase and time loss occurs. This eliminates the advantage of air transportation.

The distance between Trabzon Airport and the city is 6 km. Despite this, the traffic density in the city hinders transportation. Especially for passengers going to the west of the city, the time taken on the road is longer.

Especially in the evening, this time increases even more. There is a significant distance difference between the airport and the cities of Rize, Giresun, Artvin, Bayburt and Gümüshane. Extensive arrangements and improvements were made on the Samsun – Sarp and Trabzon – Gümüşhane highways. Despite this, the distance between Trabzon Airport and these provinces is still long.


Trabzon Havas organizes 8 reciprocal flights every day in order to facilitate the transportation of passengers between HopaRizeTrabzon Airport.

Trabzon Havalimanı Havaş Yolcu Servisi

There is a Trabzon Havas Shuttle between Hopa and Trabzon for all flights. Havaş buses depart from the airport within half an hour after the passenger exit is completed. Trabzon Havaş Shuttles are located at the point where you can easily see them at the arrivals exit of Trabzon Airport.


Adress: Konaklar Mahallesi, Atatürk Bulvari No:23 Ortahisar / TRABZON
Phone : 0462 328 09 4049 / 325 99 5255
Fax     : 0462 325 99 50
E-mail : infotrabzon@dhmi.gov.tr


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